Monday, 4 May 2015

Eight Months Old Today

My baby boy Loki is 8 months old today ... he's a typical teenage boy, tall, lanky and just a little bit naughty. (and he's chucked his coat) But what a sweet, gentle and kind boy he is. So easy after his big sister Sammi and all her naughtynessess! Looking forward to seeing some of his siblings again in 2 weeks time as they are coming to watch us at a show. (Hope we don't get nervous with the audience!)
I can't get Loki weighed today as it's bank holiday, I doubt I would be popular if I went knocking on the surgery door! lol. But I guess he won't be over 33kg. (Actually his dad's weight when he arrived here at 17 months) I have measured him of course. Yeah 65cms - so time to stop growing upwards now young man! As an adult Dexi was 66cms, Simba 67cms and as we know Kai was almost 69cms. Dexi got away with it, Kai didn't! Nico is about 63.5cms (Actually bang on the "ideal" height for a male) and Mikey is 65cms. Though Nico is longer and heavier built than Mikey.
Sammi and her brother Barney are both over size and Barney is being knocked for it in the ring, so far Sammi seems to get away with it. Neither Nico or Ziva are tall animals, both very close to the standard for their sex, so where does the size carry from? I always blamed Kai - through his grandfather Saber Vom Steffen haus, who actually carries on both sides on the "I" litters pedigree. So maybe a dog to try and avoid for future plans? Though he does seem to turn up the pedigree of almost ever dog I like!
So will Little Legs get any taller? Well maybe a fraction, he may do a Dexi, or even a Simba but not a Kai! He still has a hell of a lot of growing and maturing to do, but I am hopeful that the majority of his going "up" is now over. Though I'm enjoying the puppy I can't wait to see what the mature adult will look like!

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Lin said...

He really is a super boy and so good.I'm sure he'll look the part when he grows up x