Sunday, 10 May 2015

I Use To Think ...

  .... Loki Looked A Little Like A Young Louis
and at this age I guess there was a similarity - shorter muzzle, and fading mask. 

But now, I don't see it at all! 
I don't see his dad in his facial expression either. So who do I see? Shit, sometimes, just sometimes, a little bit of Kai! I guess it's the colour and the now longer muzzle which carries through that Bravos (Saber) line. (Nico has the same length of muzzle - but with a much darker mask) Otherwise Loki is nothing like Kai, no huge coat, no huge presence, and he still screams like Louis! Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm looking for something that's not there, doing exactly what I critisise others for doing. But if it gives me nothing else it gives me comfort that that slightly over long muzzle will indeed look fantastic when it matures! 

Top Photos of Loki and a young Louis 
Middle photo of Loki at 8 months and Kai at a similar age.
Bottom photos - I just had to post these photo of  Louis and Kai as mature adults 


Lin said...

Love all the pics especially Louis and Kai x

Lin said...

Frank wants the pink house !!!!! x