Friday, 8 May 2015

More Critiques - W+PBW CHamp Show

MPD  - Stanley’s Lokean Of Blanik, 7 months b/g, medium size & medium strength of slightly stretched proportions, normal wither, good overline, slightly steep upper arm, good feet, croup is slightly short, medium rear angles, slightly close away, good gait reaching & driving well.
LD - Stanley’s Conbhairean Danko of Blanik, 4 years b/g, above medium size of good strength, slightly deep proportions, good head & expression, good dark eye & mask, good wither, good overline, good length & lay of croup, the upper arm is slightly steep but of good length, feet are a little long, hocks could be tighter, displayed a good gait reaching & driving well.

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Lin said...

They were good x