Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Left In The Shadow

I don't often write about my human family, but today the relief is immense. My father has been so poorly the last couple of weeks that really nothing else was of much important. Dad is in his early 70ies and has really always been pretty damn healthy, but the last 2 weeks has really given us a scare. It got so bad that mum called 999 and thankfully had great help from the ambulance team, and then the doctor at the local hospital. Anyway it's not my place to print details, and I doubt he'd like it, but that brings me round to things very nicely ...
Someone is behaving badly, she has thrown her toys out of the pram and no one really seems to know why! What's really frustrating about it is that she's gone silent, and if we/I have done anything then at least telling me what it is may help the situation. I have asked, but been ignored. Hand on heart to my knowledge I've done nothing, but if she knows or feels differently then she needs to tell me. That would at least allow me the opportunity to apologise, explain or defend my case. The silence is not helpful at all! Still like I said I've had far more important things on my mind these last 2 weeks, times like this you really discover what is important, and my father is far more important than someone who's being childish and obviously thinks the world should revolve around her! Sad though, we've been friends for over 20 years, but they way she's going she won't have any friends left. Still as life goes on we discover that we only need positivity around us -  we may have others in our lives but we must see them for what they are and not let them influence or impact on our lives. Anyone that doesn't add light to your life should be left the shadows! (Well said ladies!)

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Lin said...

Firstly so glad your Dad's on the mend what a worry it's been for you all. As for the next bit, as you say it's no good when you're getting nothing back, what's wrong with people sitting, sulking and saying sod all x