Monday, 11 May 2015

Sammi Belle Strikes Again!

Today I had another lovely ish walk in Tremadog Nursery. The bluebells are still stunning, the whole place is awash with Spring colours, birds twittering and today the beautiful dulcet tone of me shouting "Sammi.... Sammi .... SAMMI!" But it was too late ... she was off and over the bridge....
I heard a man screaming ..No...No..NO. But I think he noticed quickly that Sammi was there to introduce herself and play with his dogs, she was not the "Alsatian" he had envisaged running to savage them. Still that didn't make me feel any better. I tried to run over rough ground to get there, but by that time, happy she had made new friends she was on her way back. Bless little Loki, he was so good and came back on the first call!
Like I've said before I know she's friendly, I know she is sociable, but she doesn't bloody listen. What if his dogs had been aggressive and attacked her? What if he carried a stick and belted her? In protection of his own could we blame him? Keeping her on the lead can't be the answer, that is not a solution, the solution is getting her to bloody listen!

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Lin said...

Oh Sammi Belle !!!!! what are you like x