Friday, 17 April 2015

Bald Baby ...

To Show Or Not To Show? - That Is The Question
Just don't know what to do ... 
Tomorrow we are at a Champs show, and Sammi is as bald as a coot. I really don't know what to do about putting her in her class, or not. Truth is I'm a little bit precious about her really. (bet no one knew that!!!) To loose because she's simply not the best in the judge's eye is something I can live with ... To loose because she's not in great coat would piss me off, because it would be my own fault for putting her in the ring when she's not in peak condition. I know that some judges do make concessions for bitches (and occasionally dogs) who are not in tip top coat, others of course do not and expect full coat and condition. I guess I'll decide on day, as the class goes in the ring, as I see what the other Junior bitches look like! 
Actually I'm not that enthusiastic about tomorrow, full stop! Loki is really not ready for a Champ show, he doesn't look as "together" as he did when I entered it 6 weeks ago, and he too is looking thin on the ground for coat. Nico is also entered and has started chucking his coat (I suspect a theme going on here!) He still has plenty of coat though, but more and more tufts are appearing. I have also been told that our rings have been moved this year, and we are indoors. Nico really does do better outside.
Ah well, with all the above info in mind I did consider not going. But hell we'll give it a go, and I promise not to sulk if we don't get anything!!!!! 

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