Friday, 3 April 2015


Loki - "Well I don't see the problem, 
I sit on the sofa at home!!!!"
Sammi and Loki -
"Come sit on auntie's sofa with me Sammi."
"Are we having cake too?"
I agree they no longer need socialising, but we can pretend and go drinking tea and eating cake with friends can't we! Thanks for the welcome from all of us Carrie. 


carrie said...

Just loved my morning visitors. Loved to see them rolling on the sofa, and Loki and Sammi as well:~} Such gorgeous, well mannered Shepherds, tried to persuade Rhian to let them stay for a while, but she said NOOOOOO.
Great to see Linda again and Rhian tempting me with Facebook. Happy Easter all. Cx

carrie said...

V nice pics too of Loki, Sammi and Linda:~} They look really wonderful, marvellous specimens of what a GSD should be.

Lin said...

Really had a good time at Carries nice to finally catch up again x