Sunday, 12 April 2015

All About The Day

Last Summer sometime I had a phone call from Mal who is on the committee of the NWA club show. Pleasantries over he asks, "have you got a problem with Sarah Smith judging our show?"  Well yeah of course I have I replied, before passing the phone over to the one and the same Sarah Smith who had been camped out on my sofa for a few days!
Out of my hands of course Sarah Smith was appointed to judge this show, our local breed show. Crazy in my opinion as it made life difficult for me, one of their local exhibitors. Sarah is my friend, and though she lives in Norfolk she has camped out on our sofa many a time over the years. We turn to each other for help and support during difficult times, and indeed it was she who persuaded me that taking Nico was a really good idea! But what made it all worse for me, is that over the last 10 years Sarah has handled at ever championship show for me. KC rules state that a person can not judge a dog they have handled in the last 12 months. Ok so officially that was Sammi, Nico and Tali out of the running, but what about morally? Well I guess we all know each other to a degree in this game, and I decided to enter but with precautions. I decided not to handle any of my own dogs, though I did handle little Bella for Ian. Without our entries this show would struggle, and Debbie couldn't entered her girls either as Sarah had handled both for her.
The day was chaos, even with better entries than last year I had no time to catch my breath. Loki was in first, which I got to see. He did a great job too bless him. Then Paula and Linda went to bring Mikey in, for the next 20 -30 mins I hid behind a caravan in a particularly cold corner of the venue. Paula had great control of him and he behaved perfectly, but as soon as Mark took the lead to take him into the ring he bounced around and screamed like an idiot. Did he settle? Well to a degree I suppose he did. At least he wasn't jumping on Mark's back like he does to me! I was really chuffed to see him go reserve best male, I do wonder if he was "more settled" what he could have done ... but there you go. Loki being the only male puppy was automatically included in the line up for the best males!
As we left the hall they called out "Puppy Bitch class," I called back - please can I have 5 minutes to put the boys away first? So they waited, I needed a wee ... but no time! Little Bella went well, for her first time in the ring she did us all proud. First, only out of two, but still first. Ian and Tracy were over the moon, quite emotional really and it was lovely for me to remember how special those early wins are. I then had minutes to get Jezi and Asha in, I still needed a wee - but still no time. I arrived back in as they called Jezi into the ring, without a brush on her back she was in, and full of herself she was too!
Then it was Asha's turn, she stood and moved well but I think has had lessons from her brother on screaming when standing around ... I stood by her to keep her quite whilst the other bitches in her class took their turn and actually it worked, it would NEVER work with Mikey! Asha was second to the beautiful Dena in her class.
Jezi put on a super performance in the challenge and I was over the moon to see her go Best bitch for the second year in a row. Sadly she was beaten by the male for Best In show - but hell I can't complain!! Then it was another mad dash to the van to get Loki to challenge against his sister for Best Puppy - I still need a wee, still no time! Loki was Best puppy in breed - I was over the moon with my young man who really did put in quite a decent performance!
Right time for a wee .... err no, time for photos - BIS and RBIS (Jezi) with the judge and show secretary, then the pups with the judge and show secretary. then ... time for a wee!!!!!
What a mad day, 3 firsts, 1 second. Reserve Best Male, Best Bitch with Reserve Best In Show and Best Puppy In Show ... and I didn't handle a single one of them. Mark did a fantastic job, I am in his debt! (again) Linda was solely responsible for photos, without Bethan what could we do except try and get the best we could? Linda took over 200 pics for me, and it took me a fair few hours to wheedle them down to 80 ish which I have posted on Facebook.  
A mad day till we finally got to sit down to lunch, catch out breath and socialise! Thank to everyone who shared the day with me, thanks for the help ... and Mark, what would we have done with out you?


Lin said...

What a great but hectic day,and well done to all.So it was 200 that I took woops LOL,but with Bethan not being there I wanted to make sure you all had good pics of such a wonderful day.

carrie said...

yes, did see u and Linda flash past, sorry had to leave before socialising started, but had left money in other handbag,so went home for a top up!! Glad u had such a wonderful day, well worth the drive.