Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Vets And New Colorful Walk

 With Ross still limping a vet check was called for. Beth the vet gave him a thorough examination and discovered that there was pain in his right elbow. As best as she can tell without x rays the joint seems OK, so here's hoping he's knocked or pulled something. Rest and anti-inflammatory's have been prescribed, giving him the pills will be easy, convincing him not to charge around may be more difficult! She agreed that it was best to keep him walking daily, but not running. 
Who's going to tell him?
Ross was weighed to accurately determine the dose of anti -inflammatory's needed,
he was 21.40kg today.  
 On the way home we went to a new place for us to walk. Sharon had suggested it, and we loved it there. Kaiah couldn't help but play her favourite game, even though Ross was on the lead at the time! Can you see her?  The walk is called "Lon Goed" a well know walk in that area translated to "Tree's Lane," Or I guess a direct translation would be Tree's Road!
 Little Man had 5 mins off the lead as Kaiah had her turn on the lead.
If Kaiah is not hiding she's found something to climb .. and there she is on the left on top of slate mound! (Click on the photo to enlarge)
I did see two women walking collies today, both separately. I put the dogs on the lead as the first came towards me, she did the same. I moved to the side and as she past Kaiah barked. I kind of didn't want to stop her, I was in a secluded wood on my own and it made me feel a little safer really. The second woman drove in and parked as I got near my van. She let her dog out, so I called out. "Please can you give me a minute to just get these in the van?" She looked at me like I was a piece of shit and said, "Josie wouldn't want to come near 'them' anyway." I explained that Kaiah had been a little uncharacteristically gobby and I was just being careful. Again I got a stare of displeasure. I put mine in the van and she walked off. I watched as she walk up the tack and the other lady came towards her with the other collie. Neither called their dog back, neither put them on the lead, and within seconds a fight broke out between the collie, neither owner did anything other than stare at their fighting dogs. Had it been mine I'd have been in there sorting it out straight away. The fight stopped and both walked away. God what is it with people? Call your dogs back, put them on leads, give each other space, not all dogs get on. Keep your dogs safe! Though I have no evidence I'd blame the second lady, her attitude if nothing else was unsavory! 


Lin said...

That walk looks lovely and yes I spotted Kaiah, hope Ross soon heals and have fun keeping him calm !!!!!!!!! what stupid owners of the collies just no sense at all

SPO said...

We had this limping on and off until he was around 18 moths the vets four of them never mentioned this but we think it was panostetitis. I guess you have heard of it but just in case look it up - they get over it .

Tali said...

Hi, thank you for commenting. I have a little experience of pano as Lia had it years ago. The pain from it is in the long bones - this pain was without doubt in the elbow. Not saying he won't get it, but at the moment it's not. Thanks again for your input.