Thursday, 12 October 2017

Don't You Piss On My Parade

So this morning I woke up to a negative comment on my critiques online. Not negative about my dogs but about the breed's health in general. This is a person who has made inappropriate comments on my posts previously and I've just let it pass, but this time I was less forgiving. I've answered her on the post, as has the judge, then I've sent her a private message and unfriended her. There is no doubt she has valid points that need discussing, but maybe a post on healthy happy dogs is not the time or the place for her views!
This is what I sent ...
"S***** you've known me long enough to know that the breed is my life. Dog show people who occasionally breed do everything they can to ensure this breed is healthy. Hip scores, elbow scores and now through the support of "show people" they have found the gene that carries CDRM. All dogs bred by responsible breeders are tested for at least these three things, as well as PD. I know you dislike shows and show people but take on board that the majority of us have the health and welfare of this breed in the forefront of our lives. Further more if you think dog shows are no fun for dogs then I invite you here on a show morning to see the excitement from the dogs going and to feel the disappointment of those staying home."

Dog Show days - Not just about being exhibited 
Lots of fun too!

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Lin said...

Well said Rhian not read the post yet but can't believe someone that knows you would be so hurtful x