Friday, 13 October 2017

So who is Blanik Jeevana?

 Kaiah was the sweetest easiest bitch puppy ever, she has no hang ups about life and takes every day and every situation as it comes. There is no doubt Kaiah loves life, she bounces her way happily through every day, usually with a chuckit ball in her mouth. (Space hoppers are now banned) She is sweet, affectionate and cuddly but can be as determined and head strong as her great great granny Tali, (but thankfully with a greater need to be with me than Tali has.) On walks she has one of the best recalls I could ask for, and she never strays far from the pack.If Kaiah is not hiding ready to pounce on someone on a walk, her favourite game, then she's found something to climb .. the higher the better.
Kaiah loves her dog show days and can't contain her excitement in the mornings, screaming like a banshee and bouncing like a kangaroo till she gets in the van. (I blame her mother who's equally as excited about shows)  At the show she always gives of her all and has never let me down in or out of the ring. (though recently I considered maybe I have let her down) Kaiah loves her food, and from weaning it was obvious she was the greedy one of her litter, but I'll never forgive the nightmares she gave me when she swallowed a whole carrot to stop Kyle for getting a piece!
Ok I confess, at times she is probably the noisiest "Blanik" ever ... though Kai, Jay and Storm would have given her a run for her money, and we have had some terrible teenager moments recently.
I so look forward to watching my beautiful puppy blossom into the beautiful adult she will surely be ...


Lin said...

She really is a beautiful girl and a credit to you as are all your dogs x

ian turner said...

i love every thing about her stunning little girl