Thursday, 12 October 2017

Poor Ross

Sadly the anti inflammatory's are making Ross sick so I've had to take him off them. The vet says I have to give him a few days to get them out of his system before we can consider an alternative. Ross is still lame but keeping him quite is impossible. I try and give him long periods in the crate, but then when I let him out he's mental, so I feel that defeats the object. I've bought him some rawhide chews today with the hope that some chewing time will help over the next few days. The forecast is awful for tomorrow and I find him worse when he doesn't get to go out for a walk. The vet had said walk him, but don't let him run. Anyone who has been here on a wet and windy day will know how unpleasant it can be, but I guess I could go an find a woodland walk somewhere.
Anyway I now have till Monday to try and keep him calm before he can get more medication. I can deny that I'm worried about this, as is my nature of course.

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Lin said...

Poor Ross hope his leg soon eases when you get him on his new meds x