Sunday, 8 October 2017

This Weeks Success And Disappointment

I decided not to take Loki to this years Autumn club match. His wins elsewhere have made him  ineligible for some events, but strangely not a small club match. Still I felt it unfair to take him and opted to just take young and old instead. I was delighted with the positive comments from the judge on Asha who was Best veteran, she said she could be 5 years younger. Wow. Baby Kaiah also shone by going Best puppy. Ross hobbled his was around in the puppy walk, no idea what he's done but he went well. A lovely evening and all the results are on the increasingly popular club page and blog. 

Yesterday was the last of the year for us, and with a bitch judge that would suit my girls I had high hopes for the day. The dog judge was an unknown quantity and I was not surprised that Loki was third out of four. Still could have been worse! The atmosphere in the morning was pretty flat, but it did improved as we relaxed and I think I at least forgot we were being watched by the KC who had one officers each side of the ring. The really know how to dampen a day!
Little Kaiah won her class, she hammered it round the ring and I must admit I struggled to keep up with her. I thought she did an amazing job but the minor puppy went on to beat Kaiah for Best Puppy In Show.  Sammi again missed out on that elusive stud book number by coming second in limit .. a first in limit is needed for the award. I was disappointed that Asha was last in a class of 5 veteran bitch. She stood well and moved well, I can only think that yet again her colour went against her.
Now the last time I wrote my thoughts down about judging at this show, a so called friend carried tales back to the owner of a dog I had mentioned in my post. My post was taken out of context and parts of it appeared on social media. Had it all been put there together it would have been balanced, but the second half was not added until later when I questioned it, and as it was previously it made me look like I was in the villain. Still that is water under the bridge .. but it makes me cautious so I'm making no reference to any class or challenge when I make the next remarks...
I'm usually very critical of my own, too critical some may say. I love them unconditionally, but I also
see the constructional faults, that is who I am. But yesterday I feel one of my animals was well and truly robbed of a higher award. I can't think of many more occasions when I've actually thought, "well this is in the bag!" How wrong I was, but I still have no idea why. My animal gave a faultless performance and in my opinion was constructionaly the better animal with the better movement. Honestly my heart sank, I can't say I've felt such disappointment in the show ring in years, I only just managed to keep my composure. Still serves me right for becoming complacent I guess! Really how can I complain I took 4 dogs to a breed Championship show and came away with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd!
Little Ross is still hobbling a little, but he had a great day. He was his usual vocal, cheeky self, and though he was third out of four in the puppy walk (which really should not have been judged) I was happy with how it all went. The judge who gave Nico his first at Crufts came over and said he was a cracking puppy, only the slight raise in his croup was distracting. Not sure what means as I can't see it myself, maybe just his tail set? Coat should improve that I guess? 
Due to the poor lighting in the hall the quality of the photos taken in the ring are really poor and most have been deleted. Still I managed to get one decent one of each to remember the day. The one of Ross was taken at the far side of the hall where the light was so much better. I guess a show society doesn't really need to think of such things as lighting for exhibitors with mediocre cameras to take pics .. shame! 

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Lin said...

Pity the photo's weren't good sack the photographer. Agree with you that there should have been another 1st for you such a shame as for Asha she looked and went so well she should have been first well I think so !!