Monday, 2 October 2017

Ticky Monsters

Living in rural Wales we are use to ticks. They are a bloody nuisance but easily dealt with. The dogs and cats often get the odd one at this time of year, I pull them off and as I was taught by my grandmother as a child I squish them in a bit of paper before disposing of the body. At best they are a pain in the butt, at worst they are a health hazard and carry Lyme's disease.
For the time being we will be keeping away from Cwm Dulyn, all three dogs who walked to the far end there last week have had ticks, more ticks than I'm comfortable with. Kaiah had 4 on her face and one on her leg, Sammi had 3 on her face and Loki has had two under his chin... I guess it was much further to climb to get to Loki's face!!!!! Surprisingly Ross didn't have any, but we only walked part way with him, I guess the ticks were further along the walk.
We have checked and double checked the others, and the cats and found nothing. Therefore the ticks must have come from this walk Cwm Dulyn. So for now we'll keep away from this walk, but of course the walk to the lake maybe Ok as it takes you on completely a different route! I wonder how long I should keep away? I must admit we find them worst in Autumn .. so maybe wait till it's colder and venture back there in Winter!

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Lin said...

Unfortunately keep clear but hopefully not for long x