Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Here We Bloody Go

For the last couple of days the puppies poo's have been soft, but today they have diarrhea. It's so disheartening as it seems to happen with every litter, and as you talk to people you discover it's not just your litters that it happens too. It always seems to occur at about the 6 -7 week period and the puppies are rarely ill.
So what the hell causes it? Well I can only think it's to do with all the crap they start eating at this age. Leaves, cat shit, mud, grass, stones, hair and anything else they can find. No matter how careful you are, it happens. Because they had found their way through to the planted garden we had already banned them from the front garden.
Kito stinking of cat shit had been enough to put us off the idea of them playing out there and yesterday we went over to the caravan garden .. sadly a bit of a case of closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.
The vet are going to provide us with some probiotics and we are to stick to fish and rice for some days now. (They stressed no chicken just white fish!) As long as they are eating, drinking and playing then there is no reason to panic ... apparently!

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Lin said...

What a shame this has happened hope it soon clears up for them , at least you have the option to go in our garden where it's probably better for them , but I'm sure even in ours they'll find something LOL x