Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Pwllheli Critiques

GERMAN SHEPHERD GRADUATE (2)1st Turner's Tuna Com Mit Tasella.Two year old female with head of equal length, slightly domed skull and good stop.Medium eyes would prefer a touch darker, erect ears used all the time. Good reach of neck, withers and body shape. Balanced angulation. Stands with right leg toeing out slightly, rear legs parallel, sloping pasterns. Struggled a little with the slippery floor but could see enough to know that she is sound all ways, lovely character and condition. 2nd George's Marinita Wyanna of KymaraPost Graduate
 (1)1st Stanley's Lokean of Blanik.Two year old male with strong masculine head and lovely expression, slightly domed skull, head of equal length and good stop, good width of skull, firm ears broad at the base used to advantage. Medium colour eye. Good reach of neck leading to well defined withers, topline and sloping croup with no break, flowed from the tip of his ears to the tip of his tail. Correct underline with good depth of chest. Stands parallel front and rear with slightly sloping pasterns and really neat feet. Angulation balanced front and rear with correct turn of stifle. Moved with drive, coping well with the slippery floor. Excellent character and in good hard condition. BOB and Pastoral Group 1.
Loki in the ring on the day 


Lin said...

Lovely critiques for them both x

Ian Turner said...

so happy with the critiques of them both and so proud of them .I'm so lucky to be able to see loki often love him to bits .brill picture of him