Friday, 4 November 2016

Not Suitable!

Another toy that Sammi has had to confiscate!
I'm still trying to get the pups interested in food, only really Kaiah is tucking in well, the boys are too full and too busy. By now previous litters are really eating well and getting up to 4 meals a day. But this is only what we expected, Sammi has lots of milk the pups are thriving on it, and it's the best start for them anyway.
I had to laugh when I made a similar post elsewhere and a teenage girl went on to explain it all to me. Including the reason the pups where larger at birth was because "with small litters there is more room for them to grow in the uterus and they get all the nourishment." Well hell I didn't know that!!!!!!!!!!! Haha. Must admit she a lovely girl and was not being patronising, but having had litters since before she was born, why would she think I wouldn't know?
Another that amused me was the GSD exhibitor who has already chosen her "pick of litter" from the photos I've posted of my pups. She has picked the puppy and won't budge on her choice, hell it's far too early to do anything other than see preferred colour, strong bone and an appealing expression, I think currently present in all three. Otherwise they are still fat, wobbly and shapeless, as they should be! But of course she can tell, from a photo who is the "chosen one!" (and has a one in 3 chance of being right! LOL)
In contradiction one more was the lady who asked if I had a preferance between the boys, I said yes and at the time I named him, she said "yes, but they will change so much over the next few weeks you know!" .. OMG, you don't say!
I'm not a big breeder, it's one litter ever 3 years, not 3 litters every year here. But I have been doing it a long time, and yeah it's always a learning curve. But I do know things, and what I don't I research carefully, look how long it took me to find "Ole" as the ideal male for Sammi? It was not my fault she took charge said no! A lot of the time I guess I comment on my observations, and make statements like OMG these puppies are so big. But it is merely conversation, observation .. I do know why and I do know things will even out with time!


Lin said...

That was so funny to read !!!!! My pick of Sammi's babies is all of them :) So I'm definitely right LOL. x

Ian Turner said...

like you say how can you pick your puppy now there change so mutch in a few days never mind in a few weaks .ive been studding them a lot and I still get problems working out who is who out of the boys love them all