Sunday, 6 November 2016

The Great Escape

Mr Kito
So back to Friday night. I'd gone to bed and was dozing, Steve checked on the pups, put the heat lamp on around 12.30am and then joined me in bed. It felt like only minutes later when the screaming started, but actually it was after 1.30am. I got up; all three where awake and they seemed uncomfortably hot, though it was a cold night I opted to switch the heat lamp off and leave them with just the heater on. 
Now at this point I need to point out that Kito had been breaking out of the box all day on Friday, so overnight we'd added the extra panel making it impossible for him to get out! 
So now I was back in bed and the screaming continued, it seemed to be getting worse and I got more concerned so up I got again. Two where asleep and I watched through a small gap in the door as Kito screamed and struggled and tried his utmost best to try and get out of the box, the more he tried the more he failed, the more he screamed! I was trying to take a leaf out of Sammi's book, she was ignoring him and I felt therefore it was the right thing to do. I watched for a further few minutes,but now the little guy was really getting his knickers in a knot and I worried that something was wrong. At this point I went to get Steve and he decided to nurse him for a short while. Kito was still panting, screaming and upset and this is where you start to panic and all the "what ifs" go through your mind. The main one of course being "What if he's ill?" Short term there is no logic in your brain at 2am, you need  a vet, you need to talk to someone .. anyone, you feel isolated and scared. But then eventually sense takes over, and so you do basic check, his eyes are bright, his colour is good, he has no discharge from his nose, no diarrhea and he hasn't been sick ... and also his mother is not bothered! 
Kito, Kyle & Kaiah
Steve was continuing to nurse him, he was no convinced Kito had got himself in such a state and been sucking in air that he now had trapped wind, well we all know how painful that can be! Eventually he nodded off and went back to sleep. Steve carefully and quietly put him back in the box and we went back to bed! 
No more than 30 mins later he was off again and we where both up. Steve nursed him like a baby and I made us yet another cup of tea. The thoughts and panic returned momentarily, but as he settled so did we. We had tried to put him with Sammi earlier but he'd had no interest in suckling, we tried again and this time he did. He fell asleep with his mum and from about 3am all was quite at Blanik. Of course we didn't sleep much at all, up every hour to check on him we where comforted by 3 settled peaceful puppies! 
Over double the amount of space 
In the morning Kito actually took some Arden Grange for breakfast, and Kaiah found herself without seconds! She does well for seconds as she's eating better than the boys! So what was wrong? Well I can only think that Steve was right. He'd been hot, and tried and tried so hard to get out of the box that he had got himself in a total state, been sucking in air and had wind. There is certainly nothing at all wrong with him now! 
Yesterday we decided to open out the pen, to give them more space to move, play and hopefully prevent a repeat performance. Last night was peaceful and breakfast went down very well indeed!


Lin said...

So glad there was nothing wrong with Kito but such a worrying time you had with him. x

carrie said...

14 YEAR OLD bEN sleeps in a bed in living room, feet from my bedroom door. But if he
asleep when I go into bed an not said goodnight to him, he sometimes seems to wake up in a panic cos he is ALONE an does one single bark. Followed by another then another if I do not get up an go into him.Just calling out is not enough an even though I open cottage door he hardly ever goes out for a wee or drink, so all he wants is comfort.
Mayb your little chap needed that reassurance, who knows what a puppies brain can produce....sounds as though u both had a terrible night, an interesting Sammi not bothered.A clue? Hope last night was better.