Friday, 11 November 2016

As George Would Say

"Nothing Looks The Same In The Light!" 
Kito giving Sammi a hard time last night! 
At approximately 2am all hell broke out in the puppy room. Steve got up to check coming back to tell me "one of the puppies" was kicking off trying to get over to Sammi, the other 2 where asleep. The previous night I'd been up playing with an unsettled Kaiah at 12.45am. No I wasn't pissed off, the boys where asleep and she had no one to play with, but it was not going to become a habit! 
Anyway as the noise continued and got more intense I had to get up last night. Guess who? Bloody Kito! I could see him getting in more and more of a state at his frustration of not being able to get over into the kitchen and I really didn't want a repeat performance of last week. There is no doubt Kito is as bright as a button and has already learned that having a tantrum at least gets someone's attention, but he now has to learn it doesn't get him the result he wants. If  I'd put him over to play and tier our for 10 mins, he would achieve his goal and continue to scream when he wants something. If I pick him up, he would again be winning the points. If I ignore him there was a risk of him getting in the same state as last week .. so I came to a conclusion, I put the light off and went away. Since they have developed sight this was the first time for him in pitch darkness. Within 2 minutes he was quite, within 10 I was sneaking back to put the night light back on for Sammi! One nil to the human! 


Lin said...

How soon they learn how to get what they want !!!!!! But then we knew Sammi Belles pups would be clever !!!!!

Ian Turner said...

hahaha clever little boy he defonetly is testin you good luck for the next 4 weaks because he is only going to get more clever haha love it