Saturday, 15 December 2012

RIP Blanik Excentrik ... LOUIS 21.7.03 - 15.12.12

Blanik Excentrik 21.7.03 - 15.12.12 ...The pain of loosing you is unbearable, but the pain of never having had the pleasure of knowing you for me is just something I can't comprehend. That's why I do it .. That's why I put myself through this time and time again. You gave me everything, you were my everything; my world, my best friend, my dog in a life time. My gentle, kind, funny friend. Not once did I regret my decision to keep the "small puppy." Despite other people's comments I always looked at the other one and knew you were the one for me, you were destine to always be my boy. You charmed me as a puppy, took my breath away as a show dog and stole my heart by simply being you.
We fought so hard for you over the last 2 years ... it was worth every moment, every penny and every bit of heartache. Louis - without you things at Blanik will never be the same for me again.
Thank you for sharing your life with me. You were My Mr Amazing - Louis -You Have Been Loved


Lin said...

Run free with your banana darling Louis,you enjoyed your life to the full and you're going to be missed so much by so many of us whos hearts you stole,you certainly were Mr Amazing xx

carrie said...

Darling Louis all the things u said he was Rhian and so much more.The pain of losing them for the joy of having them. Cannot begin to touch the feelings I have today. Although we knew how poorly he was the shock is intense today, and I can't write any more at present. My thoughts are with u, Steve and all Louis' friends.