Saturday, 15 December 2012

A Few More Words

Like his mother and grandmother before him I was there when he came into the world. My hands were the first to touch him, hold him and caress him. I gave him his first solid meal, took him on his first walk, to his first show, gave him his first cuddle and loved him unconditionally throught out his life. Through all the experiences of his life I was there with him. He only knew love, kindness and friendship. He was born on the mountain, lived on the mountain and now has been laid to rest here on the mountain with his family. And similarly to the way he came into the world it was my hands that held him, touched him and caressed him as he left this world behind; I kissed his head, whispered quietly to him and showed him the love I have always felt for him. He has given and received great love through out his life, the same love he deserved in his passing.
 My darling Louis I knew this was coming but it's still came as a shock. On Thursday you ran with your young friends on the mountain ... and now today, your not here with us. You got so weak so quickly, we had no choice! RIP my darling friend, I pray we meet again or I'll never cope with your loss. You were my very very special friend, I truly believe you have been "The Dog" in my life time.


Lin said...

He had such a wonderful life with you Steve all his family and friends,he will be greatly missed by all x

Anonymous said...

A wonderful boy who was truly loved and will be sorely missed xx