Monday, 16 January 2012

One For The Album

Well we knew it would be impossible to get everyone, but we tried! To be honest I thought it would be too much for Kiri as she doesn't really like the other bitches so I left her in the house.
 Sadly as you know the other boys don't like Kai and Jezi buggered off!!!
Finlay, Asha, Mikey, Danni, Me, Ziva, Louis and Tali
Jezi - I'm not playing!
Kiri and Kai - Happy in each others company!


Anonymous said...

Great pics as always.Love the one of Jezi!How does it work in the house if Kiri and Kai are not popular?Do you have to separate them all?


Tali said...

There simply is no room for everyone in the living room at one time Angela so it works quite well. Kiri and Kai are walked together but Kiri stays with Louis and Finlay in the house. If they mix it doesn't really matter,but Kiri has always been unpredictable with other bitches. Sadly the other boys hate Kai so he sleeps in the kitchen, but the all get their turn in the living room.

Anonymous said...

Aww,That's not so bad then.I suppose these things happen with so many of them.


Lin said...

Pics are great just me Jake and Lexi missing out of the first one !!!!! now that would be a challenge LOL x