Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Weights and Measures - Again

Well I finally got round to taking the girls to the vets to be weighed. I was very surprised to find that Ziva was the heaviest today at 24.2kg and 56cm at the wither, Jezi was 23.9kg and 58cm, and Danni still the lightest at 23.3kg and 57cm. It proves that the eye can be deceiving as Danni seems far bigger/chunkier and heavier than the other two, and Ziva sure does look the smallest to me. Ah well, we live and learn!! I guess Danni would benefit from eating a little more, but getting two meals a day into her at the moment is hard enough!
Jezi - no ears again today
Ziva -What do you mean I can't sit here when I'm wet?
Danni - I'm with Mummy Asha

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Lin said...

The girls are loking lovely x