Friday, 13 January 2012

Weights and Measures

Seren, Asha and Mikey at 5 months old
There has been a bit of discussion between us regarding the puppy's weights and heights recently, anyway I went back through my records and decided to print these ... the girls here now are not far out though at 52 and 53cm they are not as tall as Asha was at the same age. (Thank God-at 61cm she's just over the max height for a bitch!) At her new home Enya was weighed today and was 19.5kg, the same weight as the day she left, Gail said she had been leaving the odd meal, but Gill Hubbard assured her her weight was ideal. I was also pleased that she told Gail she was a lovely and that Enya was full of confidence there.
Sire- Kai - 40kg - 68cm  -  Dam- Tali 30kg 59cm
Weight at birth---1lb 7oz
1 week ---2lb 6oz
2weeks ---3lb 3oz
3weeks ---4lb 9oz
4weeks ---6lb
Pups got to heavy for the scales after 4weeks
4 months - 18.45kg and 50cm
5months - 55cm
6months - 28 6kg and 58cm
7months - 59cm
7.5 months - 60cm (25th Feb)

Weight at birth---1lb 4oz
1 week ---2lb 5oz
2weeks ---3lb 2oz
3weeks ---4lb
4weeks ---6lb 2lb
4 months - 19.55kg and 52cm
5months - 56cm
6months - 32. 2kg and 60cm
7months - 61.5cm
7.5 months - 63cm (25th Feb)

Weight at birth---1lb 6oz
1 week ---1lb 14oz
2weeks ---2lb 12oz
3weeks ---3lb 12oz
4weeks ---5lb 2oz
5weeks ---6lb 5oz
4.5 months - 18kg and 48cm
5months - 19.5kg
6months - 23. 6kg and 54cm
7months - 25.3kg and 57.5cm

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Lin said...

Nice to see all the weights and heights going to get Lexi weighed next week x