Wednesday, 14 June 2017

With Kyle In Cwm Dulyn

 Loki and Kyle
 Kaiah leading Kyle onto the rock
Siblings messing about
Today's walk with the three wasn't as successful as previous walks. There was a little tension at the beginning of the walk, then absolute OTT madness between the siblings as they ran riot afterwards. The lunacy was bordering on squabbling at times and as I was getting a little bothered that Kaiah may get hurt both the youngsters ended up on the lead for the last part of the walk. Kyle is a big lad now, and still a puppy, but he was repeatedly just barging into Kaiah and knocking her flying on the gravel path, it just wasn't fair on her and to be honest I was getting upset. Kyle meant no harm, he's just full of energy and excitement but Kaiah is so much smaller and lighter, I'd never forgive myself if she got hurt. Anyway we will have to rethink out plans for the next walk together, I don't want to stop seeing Kyle, but a different plan of action is called for! 

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Lin said...

Such a shame Kyle was rather over the top as your walks before have been so much fun. But you can't chance Kaiah getting hurt in all the hard playing x